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How do I "constrain" my custom manipulator to the position of another manipulator within the same MPxManipContainer?

For the first manipulator (the one you want to "follow"), perform the steps outlined in How do I "constrain" my custom manipulator so it moves with its parent node?

Add the following:

void wanderPointManip::draw(M3dView & view,
           const MDagPath & path,
           M3dView::DisplayStyle style,
           M3dView::DisplayStatus status)

  // ...

  // Get the index to the CurrentPoint of the manipulator you want to follow
  unsigned currentPointIndex = leaderManipFn.currentPointIndex( &mstat );

  // Create a MPoint object to hold the coordinates of the CurrentPoint
  MPoint currentPoint;
  getConverterManipValue( currentPointIndex, currentPoint );

  // Set the "follower" manipulator's StartPoint to the "leader" manipulator's CurrentPoint
  followerManipFn.setStartPoint( currentPoint );

  // ...

  // Do the above _before_ calling the parent 'draw' function to ensure
  // that the manip generates the desired results without needing to be "refreshed"
  MPxManipContainer::draw(view, path, style, status);


Stir, and enjoy.

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